Does The CAN SLIM Method Work?

Does it Work? No rigorous, published studies of canslim performance exist to our knowledge However, AAII data suggests that this screen has seen a 26.5% return versus 0.7% for the Samp;P. 500 over the last ten years, and a 28.2% return versus 2.4% since inception.

How successful is CAN SLIM?

This study also used a simplified version of the CANSLIM strategy and also saw strong returns that outperformed the market. Specifically, the CANSLIM strategy outperformed the NASDAQ 100 Index by an average of 94% per month between 2010 and 2013.

How do you find CAN SLIM stocks?

  • C, current earnings. One of O’Neil’s most important findings was the power of high earnings growth
  • A, Annual earnings
  • N, New products, new trends, new highs
  • S, Supply and demand
  • L, Leadership
  • I -Institutional sponsorship
  • M, Market direction

What is CAN SLIM strategy?

CANSLIM is a bullish strategy for fast markets , so it is not for everyone. The idea is to get into high-growth stocks before the institutional funds are fully invested. The elements of CANSLIM can be read like a wish list for fund managers seeking growth, so it is a matter of time until the buying demand increases.

Does CAN SLIM beat the market?

The canslim method has proven to be a great investing strategy. While it can be risky, it has also been shown to produce returns that consistently beat the market It does this by investing in growth stocks during a bull market. These growth stocks must also pass six different criteria.

CAN SLIM annual returns?

The stock chart below shows the CANslim etf performance from April 2015 to 2022. According to IBD, the CANSLIM strategy does still work, claiming a 20.7% average annual return.

CAN slim swing trading?

Swing Trading and CAN SLIM Although the CAN SLIM Investing System is built for longer-term investment periods, its rules can still apply in a swing trading environment Take breakouts from consolidations. Prior uptrends are a must. Sideways action that resists giving up much ground is preferred.

CAN SLIM stands for?

CAN SLIM is used to identify strong-performing growth stocks. The acronyms of CAN SLIM are C – current quarterly earnings, A – annual earnings, N – new product, service, or management, S – supply and demand, L – leaders or laggards, I – institutional ownership, and M – market direction.

CAN SLIM screener us?

Developed by William O’Neil of Investor’s Business Daily, CANSLIM is a method of screening for stocks based on the folllowing seven characteristics It should be noted that typically, only 2% of the database will qualify as buy candidates using these screening applications.

CAN SLIM backtest?

Yes, the CANSLIM method works and has beaten the S&P 500 since 2003 , according to backtests. But the outperformance comes at a cost in terms of higher volatility and larger drawdowns.

CAN SLIM tactical growth?

The CAN SLIM® investment program is a tactical, long-term growth strategy focused on capital appreciation with a secondary objective of downside protection The strategy invests in leading growth stocks during favorable equity environments and scales to cash to preserve gains when bear market risk is high.


The CAN SLIM system typically identifies smaller, fast-growing companies and that’s the category that this ETF falls into – small-cap growth equities. As such, this ETF can be expected to be riskier than average.


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