What stocks are in qcln etf?

  • NIO Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A 9.90%
  • Enphase Energy, Inc. 8.47%
  • Tesla Inc 7.73%
  • ON Semiconductor Corporation 7.20%
  • Albemarle Corporation 6.95%
  • SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. 4.12%
  • Plug Power Inc. 3.32%
  • Wolfspeed Inc 2.81%

Is Tesla part of QCLN?

QCLN, which follows the NASDAQ® Clean Edge® Green Energy Index, has an 8.45% Tesla allocation , as of Aug. 27. That makes the EV giant the second-largest holding in QCLN, and it makes the exchange traded fund one of the largest etf owners of Tesla stock.

What is the price forecast for Qcln?

Given the current short-term trend, the fund is expected to fall -15.76% during the next 3 months and, with a 90% probability hold a price between $36.57 and $50.53 at the end of this 3-month period.

What is First Trust Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy index Fund?

First Trust Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy ETF (the “First Trust ETF”) seeks to replicate, to the extent possible, the performance of an index of U.S. listed companies designed to track the performance of clean energy companies engaged in manufacturing, development, distribution and installation of clean-energy.

What is the Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy index?

The NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Index is a modified market capitalization weighted index designed to track the performance of companies that are primarily manufacturers, developers, distributors and/or installers of clean energy technologies , as defined by Clean Edge.

Is ICLN a good buy?

The 12-month price appreciation for ICLN is -3.08% and the ytd return is -18.56%. ICLN hit a YTD high close of $33.41 on January 7, 2021, and is currently trading 32% below this level, at $22.61. Over the past several years, ICLN has delivered high returns.

What ETF holds the most TSLA?

The largest ETF holder of TSLA is the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) , with approximately 8.88M shares. Investors may also find of interest that the ETF with the largest allocation to TSLA stock is Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLY), with a portfolio weight of 20.71%.

What ETF has Tesla and Amazon?

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund ETF (VTI) Top holdings: Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, Alphabet (Google), Johnson & Johnson, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Chase.

What is soxx ETF?

SOXX – iShares Semiconductor ETF Technology sector exchange-traded funds (ETFs) buy and sell the shares of manufacturers and service providers of electronics and information technologies that comprise the technology sector. Technological solutions in this sector range from consumer goods to enterprise software.

Is ICLN ETF a good long term investment?

The share of renewable energy sources in the global generation capacity will increase in the future. There are lots of promising companies in the ETF. ICLN is a better green energy ETF than QCLN. I believe that ICLN is a good long-term buy and hold.

Is ICLN an ETF or mutual fund?

The iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (ICLN) seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of global equities in the clean energy sector.

Does ICLN pay a dividend?

iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (NASDAQ:ICLN) pays semi annually dividends to shareholders.

Which is better QQQ or VGT?

Dividends. If you want an ETF with higher dividend yields, then you should choose VGT , which has a 1.22% dividend yield. QQQ is nearly half of that with a 0.74% dividend yield. The higher dividend yield from VGT means that you will likely get paid more income at the end of the year.

Does Apple have an ETF?

Apple Inc. is a company in the U.S. stock market and it is a holding in 376 U.S.-traded ETFs AAPL has around 1.2B shares in the U.S. ETF market. The largest ETF holder of AAPL is the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY), with approximately 164.47M shares.


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