Who Owns Turntide Technologies?

ryan morris , a successful entrepreneur and investor with more than 13 years of experience building companies, is passionate about using technology to end the use of fossil fuels in an economically rational way.

What industry is Turntide technologies?

Turntide Technologies is a US-based business that makes intelligent, sustainable motor systems. Turntide applies its Technology for Sustainable Operations across buildings, agriculture, and transportation segments.

Where is Turntide located?

Its goal is to eliminate the 25% of global electricity consumption that is wasted by legacy electric motors, thus accelerating the world’s transition from fossil fuels and leaving them in the ground where they belong. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

What is Turntide motors?

Turntide has developed intelligent motor control algorithms for sensorless operation of our Smart Motors that address most known issues with SR motor technology such as poor efficiency, noise/vibrations, and torque fluctuations”.

Who is Ryan Morris?

Ryan Morris is a businessman and entrepreneur He is the CEO of Turntide Technologies, a developer of electric motor systems. The company’s mission is to provide systems that reduce energy consumption. He brings to the position, years of experience with public companies and a successful track record in leadership.

What are smart motors?

Smart Motors are a car dealership based in Leicestershire Their address is UNIT DUNLOP BUSINESS CENTRE, Leicester, LE5 5LY. Get directions on the Auto Trader site.

How does switched reluctance motor work?

Switched reluctance motors operate by switching currents in the stator windings in response to changes in the magnetic circuit formed by the rotor and stator.

Is Ryan Sodapoppins brother?

According to Twitch streamer and attorney Ryan “BJPOfficial” Willett, his brother Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris turned down a major brand deal just so he could leave his schedule open to play World of Warcraft Classic.

Who builds the smart car?

Smart is a division of Daimler AG , the parent corporation of Mercedes-Benz. The Smart cars are no longer sold in the U.S. The primary models was the ForTwo, a two-door car designed primarily for urban use. It has tiny dimensions and a small turning radius that make it a breeze to park.

Who makes smart car engines?

German tuning company Brabus has also got its hands on the ForTwo, resulting in a performance version. It has the 0.9-litre turbo engine, with power boosted to 108bhp and more urgent acceleration from low speed.

Who invented the reluctance motor?

The first patent was by W. H. Taylor in 1838 in the United States. The principles for SR drives were described around 1970, and enhanced by Peter Lawrenson and others from 1980 onwards.

What are the disadvantages of SRM?

The most crucial disadvantages of SRMs are high noise, vibrations and torque ripple It requires advanced control methods when compared with other AC and DC motor drives.

How many types of switched reluctance motors are there?

The rotary SRM or rotary switched reluctance motors are available in two types like radial field as well as the axial field. Axial field SRMs are classified into two types like single stack and multi-stack. This rotary SRM includes more than one rotor and stator.



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